Security and Connectivity for IoT Devices


IoT is Rapidly Evolving to Create a Tremendous Positive Impact – But Unsecured IoT Devices Are Being Exploited

IoT is a transformative technology, but it comes with significant risks that require advanced security and connectivity solutions. Allegro Software has been at the forefront of leading the evolution of device management solutions with patented embedded web server and security toolkits since 1996.

275M Units Deployed

Any CPU - Any OS

300+ Global Design Wins

Allegro Software Understands Security and Connectivity for IoT Devices and Beyond

We know IoT device security and connectivity and understand the unique challenges and requirements our solutions need to meet. Allegro provides manufacturers of connected secure devices in the Energy, Healthcare, Military, Enterprise, and Consumer markets with easy-to-use, feature-rich, Internet-enabling software toolkits using TLS, SSH, FIPS validation, and more.


Units Deployed


Global Design Wins

Secure Devices

Take a proactive stance to protect your IoT ecosystem against malicious attacks and costly breaches while ensuring the authenticity, integrity, and validity of data generated from IoT devices.

Future Ready

Allegro Software has been in the industry for decades and understands the future of IoT. We’ll not only enable you to secure your devices but ensure they are future-ready with ongoing updates to continuously address security issues.

Improved Time to Market

Save time and reduce errors with streamlined development using field proven pre-integrated security and connectivity toolkits that decrease time to market.

IoT Device Management

Allegro’s set of security and connectivity toolkits provides a proven framework for your engineering team to build powerful and dynamic management interfaces for your device.


Allegro Software’s toolkits for IoT ecosystems ensure your IoT devices are securely collecting, distributing, and acting upon all forms of data. Our products solve major security and connectivity challenges and have been field-proven in millions of units worldwide. Our toolkits are also precision engineered to meet the demands of embedded device developers working on resource-sensitive systems.


Our solutions are forward-looking solutions to help future-proof your devices. By taking a proactive stance, you’ll have a consistent, reliable, FIPS validation strategy today and into the future. Allegro offers a pre-integrated and tested suite of connectivity and security protocols and provide product updates and upgrades to meet the latest NIST guidance.


We’ve maintained our role as a leader in the evolution of device management solutions since 1996 by creating state-of-the-art connectivity and security toolkits based on open standards-based protocols. Unlike Open-Source modules, our components are pre-integrated and compact, freeing up critical resources in sensitive IoT environments. We also offer a single source of support to help resolve your problems.

We Don’t Just Create Software, We Create Solutions to Your Biggest IoT Security & Connectivity Challenges

Insight From Allegro Software Use Cases

Customized Cryptography Solutions for Medical IoT Industry: “Overall, the return on investment was more than 300% over in-house development and maintenance. With Allegro’s product and support, this medical technology client was able to meet industry requirements and bring their connected hospital beds to market quickly and with confidence, without the need to hire a team of engineers to handle the open-source coding.”
Customized Cryptography Solutions for Military Tech Industry: ‘The defense tech company has adopted a sophisticated solution that allows them to maintain NIST compliance and other validation requirements while ensuring a well-functioning product now and in the future. The utilization of Allegro’s ACE toolkit eliminated the need for in-house development and maintenance, thus resulting in an astounding return on investment of over 200%!’
APC has shipped 1,000,000+ uninterruptible power supplies using RomPager® to provide full web-based management.

Our Whitepapers

Allegro Whitepapers
7 Key Elements of Proactive IoT Security

This whitepaper explains how you can increase your security presence and reduce your IoT ecosystem exposure to hacks, breaches, data theft, and lost brand equity.

Allegro Whitepapers

This whitepaper presents 5 Best Practices to help mitigate risk in your IoT Ecosystem.

This whitepaper presents 5 Best Practices to help mitigate risk in your IoT Ecosystem.

Allegro Whitepapers

Open Source Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

This whitepaper looks at issues related to using Open Source Software (OSS) and potential effects during merger and acquisition discussions.

Let’s Talk IoT Security

Implementing IoT device security can be a significant and costly challenge. Let us help you by sharing our proven framework for integrating a proactive security approach into your design, minimizing the need for programming resources and reducing development costs and time to market

Schedule a one-on-one web conference with us today to discuss your embedded IoT security needs.

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