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Customized Cryptography Solutions for Medical IoT Industry



A leading global medical technology company


One of the world’s leading medical technology companies required sophisticated cryptography solutions for their connected hospital beds.

The client sought to address the medical VA market, which relies on a government procurement system that requires FIPS validation. This client looked to Allegro Software’s connectivity and security software toolkits to accelerate time to value and build a custom hospital bed computing solution to meet VA connectivity and security requirements.


The medical device client easily integrated Allegro Software’s connectivity and security toolkits to             create a custom solution that utilized FIPS validated cryptography for securing data-at-rest and data-in-motion using the latest version of TLS. This solution is available today and is future-ready (compared to open-source solutions that cannot guarantee future FIPS availability reliably). Allegro continually monitors NIST guidance to remain up-to-date on requirements to maintain FIPS validation and deliver ongoing product updates as part of their subscription.

The client received strong, concise documentation to follow alongside design integration and technical support for all-around servicing from Allegro Software. The software bundle incorporates Allegro’s ACE Software Cryptography module, TLS, and XML/JSON products. The configuration of Allegro’s software toolkit takes up less than one megabyte, whereas similar open-source configurations require over 200MB of code! For a small computing system at the foot of a hospital bed, size makes all the difference.

Essentials of the project included:

  • FIPS validation
  • Secure TLS Communications
  • XML/JSON integration
  • Decreased time to value.

Overall, the return on investment was more than 300% over in-house development and maintenance. With Allegro’s product and support, this medical technology client was able to meet industry requirements and bring their connected hospital beds to market quickly and with confidence, without the need to hire a team of engineers to handle the open-source coding.


The medical tech company has partnered with Allegro and adopted an integrated solution to meet all industry requirements while ensuring a well-functioning product both now and in the future. Eliminating in-house development and maintenance for this highly technical and critical component has produced a return on investment in excess of 300%! Contact Allegro Software today to solve your security and connectivity software challenges while strengthening your bottom line.

About Allegro Software

Allegro Software Development Corporation is a premier provider of secure IoT software components with an emphasis on industry-leading technology stack for connectivity, device management, and IoT device security. Since 1996, Allegro has been at the forefront of the industry, leading the evolution of device management solutions with its patented embedded web server and security toolkits.

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