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Allegro has been working with manufacturers worldwide to build Internet software into a broad range of devices. By enabling customers to use standard Internet protocols to interact with their products, they are realizing increased customer satisfaction and increased product sales.

Besides building human-to-machine connections over the Internet, device builders are also building machine-to-machine Internet communications using Allegro’s products. Here is a partial list of Allegro customers and their products.

Device Management Solutions

Brocade’s BigIron family of Layer 3 Backbone Switches

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Brocade’s BigIron family of Layer 3 Backbone Switches utilize RomSShell™, RomPager® and RomPager® Secure to offer an unprecedented level of management for enterprise and server switching applications.

APC Power Supplies

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APC has shipped 1,000,000+ uninterruptible power supplies using RomPager® to provide full web-based management.

3Com ships a number of RomPager® based products that provide Web-based management including the HomeConnect ADSL Modem Dual Link, with a RomPager® embedded Web server for HTML-based configuration and monitoring.

Schneider Electric is shipping Web-based management of their Infinity automated building controls product family. The RomPager® embedded Web server allows customers to use Web browsers to manage access points, inspect alarms, conduct system diagnostics, as well as other functions. They also utilize Allegro’s RomPager® embedded Web server to provide Web-based monitoring of their Power Meter products to help improve power quality and reduce energy costs.

Genband builds Media Switching Systems to provide VoIP telephony services with an integrated switched IP architecture, tailored exclusively to the needs of cable operators. Cedar Point uses RomCLI™ in their Safari family of switches to provide Cisco-style console management support.

Konica Minolta has shipped the CrownView Web-based management application with over 500,000 networked printers. The RomPager®-based application allows users to easily check job status and consumables levels and manage configurations.

The Kronos Timekeeper Central system is an advanced time and attendance system designed to automate the capture, management, and distribution of critical employee labor data. The components of the system use the RomPager® HTTP and TLS server and client products to securely distribute information using Web services (XML over HTTP).

Nortel Networks ships the RomPager® embedded HTTP server in the Accelar Gigabit Ethernet switch to provide a Web-based configuration manager that allows easy visual access to the switch from any Web browser.

Xerox has shipped more than 1,000,000 DocuPrint low-cost laser printers, with the RomPager® embedded Web server for installation and configuration. The printers can send notifications of job complete, paper out, or toner out using the RomMailer SMTP client and use the RomPOP mail reader client to retrieve print jobs that customers have submitted via email.

Consumer Devices/Home Networking


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The MOXI® HD DVR from Digeo is DLNA Certified™ uses Allegro’s RomPlug® UPnP technology. As a DMP, the MOXI HD DVR can easily discover, browse and play network content to your TV.

Roku SoundBridge and SoundBridge Radio

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Roku uses the RomPlug® MediaRender and MediaControl Application Toolkits in their SoundBridge™ and SoundBridge Radio™ enabling you to play your PC or Mac digital music files anywhere in the house.

Yamaha neoHD Digital Media Player

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Yamaha uses the RomPlug® MediaPlay Application Toolkit in their neoHD DLNA Certified™ Digital Media Player (DMP). The neoHD (YMC-700) illustrates how DLNA technology enables discovery, integrated control, browsing and playing digital content on a home network using a simple and easy to operate GUI.

Microsoft Xbox 360

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Microsoft uses RomPlug® with the Xbox 360 to create the ultimate Media Center Extender experience for sharing music, photos, videos and more.


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RomPlug® enables DLNA connectivity in the latest Audi automobiles letting you and your passengers enjoy digital music, photos, and videos as part of the driving experience.

Casio uses the RomMailer and RomPOP embedded email client software to provide consumer quality email services in the CALEID series of electronic mobile pocketbooks.

D-Link Systems, Inc. uses RomPager® to provide embedded Web-based management and RomPlug® to provide UPnP™ Internet Gateway support for a wide range of their switch and SOHO router products. The RomPager® embedded Web server is also included in LAN switch products provided to Intel under private label agreement.

Machine to Machine Communications

Motorola Fiber-to-the-Premises Equiptment

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Motorola uses RomXML®, RomWebClientTM, and RomWebClientTM Secure in their Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) equipment to enable secure autonomous configuration allowing the world’s largest telecommunications operators to consolidate their access network into a simple, dynamically upgradeable solution.

Cisco phone

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Cisco relies on RomPager®, RomWebClientTM and RomXML® in 15,000,000+ IP based phones and gateways.

Agilent Corporation uses the RomWebClientTM embedded HTTP client and the RomXML® embedded XML parser/framer in their Windows CE based Service Advisor communications tester to provide improved product updating capabilities using standard Web servers to deliver product updates.

Nielsen Media Research is the world’s leading provider of television audience measurement and related services. Some of Nielsen’s measurement services use a set-top box that gathers rating information and returns it to a central Web server using the RomWebClientTM embedded Web client and the RomXML® embedded XML parser-framer.

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