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A leading defense technology company


A powerhouse in defense technology required an upgraded cryptography solution for their handheld IoT device designed for secure communication between troops.

The client was seeking to upgrade their product to increase security while improving overall performance with a smaller code footprint. The client also had a requirement to utilize a specific cryptographic algorithm and needed a FIPS Validated implementation of that single algorithm for their design.


The client configured Allegro Software’s sophisticated ACE toolkit that utilizes FIPS validated cryptography, providing the required single algorithm solution with high performance and a low code footprint. This solution enabled the client to simply configure Allegro’s ACE toolkit for a single algorithm compared to having to extract the algorithm from thousands of lines of code from an open-source library. The Allegro solution was also pre-tested and validated, thus eliminating the need to re-assemble and test code an open-source alternative.

With Allegro’s existing lab and NIST relationship, the client avoided the need for independent lab testing while also gaining Allegro’s ability to leverage existing validations to receive custom validation quickly – in three to six months as opposed to the typical 12 to 18 months that it would take for the client to coordinate their own efforts for custom validation.

Essential aspects of the project included:

  • ACE™ S/W algorithms to replace deprecated cryptography
  • Custom FIPS validation for environment
  • A single, high-performing algorithm solution with minimal code footprint
  • Professional support


The defense tech company has adopted a sophisticated solution that allows them to maintain NIST compliance and other validation requirements while ensuring a well-functioning product now and in the future. The utilization of Allegro’s ACE toolkit eliminated the need for in-house development and maintenance, thus resulting in an astounding return on investment of over 200%! Contact Allegro Software today to discuss your security and cryptography challenges and how to solve them while strengthening your bottom line.

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