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IoT Access Management

Secure access to IoT parameters and configurations must be embedded in IoT ecosystems and devices. Management access must be secured whether devices are accessed through the cloud via a managed app, or through an on-site web portal. Allegro’s initial IoT software offering was designed specifically to enable secure, on-site management of IoT devices.

IoT secure access management mechanisms are implemented in the Supply Chain and Beginning of Life (BoL) stages of a device’s lifecycle. This is when Root of Trust and Cryptography are installed. Secure parameter storage is created by using multiple sets of keys, referred to as an asset. Cryptography protects these assets by creating a digital signature across the keys, confirming their validity and authenticity.

The biggest risk to securing access to device parameter and configuration management is the use of default user names and passwords. This is the most common hacking technique used to compromise IoT and embedded systems – default user names and passwords should never be used. One way to safeguard against this vulnerability is to include unique user names and pass words in the configuration parameters when the IoT device is created.

Tools such as Allegro’s ACE™ toolkit provide a layer of secure asset management by generating unique keys  that are used within an asset. One of Allegro’s strategic partners, Key Factor, provides unique keys and  access control for IoT devices that are already deployed.

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