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IoT Secure Parameter Storage

Configuration parameters are stored on an IoT device to manage the device’s operation, location information, and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). It is imperative that configuration parameters are stored and managed securely so they cannot be compromised.

Device Operation

Operational parameters manage how the overall IoT system will function. Base parameters include DHCP, IP addresses, and networking details. Application specific parameters are related to the device itself; the type (e.g. a hospital bed), and the functionality and capabilities of the device.

Location Information

Information on where an IoT device is physically located .

End Point Detection and Response (EDR)

How the device is configured to respond to specific operating characteristics. As an example, if there are no problems detected, the device operates as normal. If there is suspect traffic or use, operations may be limited to just vital functions such as system alerting. If rogue traffic operations are detected, the device may be completely shut down.


IoT Parameter Management Security 

There are multiple levels of security for safely storing and managing configuration parameters.

Each parameter area should have different signatures with unique keys so if one area gets breached, none of the other parameters get exposed.

When parameters are changed locally or through the IoT ecosystem, a key associated with the person making the change creates a digital signature related to the change.

All configuration parameter changes are logged, keeping track of who changed the secure parameter and any other details specific to the change. Logs cannot be altered or tampered with, so that digital records are securely maintained.

Allegro’s ACE Cryptography Engine provides digital signatures that are used to securely manage IoT configuration parameters.

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