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Allegro EdgeAgent Suite

Securing Mission Critical IoT During Crisis

FIPS 140-2 and IoT Medical Devices

Understand FIPS Requirements for IoT Medical Devices in the DoD/VA

COVID-19 – Allegro Software Designated Critical Infrastructure Supplier

Allegro Software provides security and connectivity components to both the Medical/Healthcare and Military markets and has been designated a critical supplier by our customers in those industies.  Allegro Software remains open and ready to provide support to our customers.


Let's Talk IoT Security

Implementing IoT device security can be a challenge.  Let us help you by sharing our proven framework for integrating a proactive security approach into your design.  Click the button below to schedule a one-on-one web conference to discuss your security needs.

Allegro EdgeAgent Suite

A packaged software framework enabling vendors to build and maintain security solutions for data-in-motion, data-at-rest, firmware update authentication, and crypto-agility for IoT device ecosystems.

Million Units Deployed


Agnostic to CPU (16-bit and above), OS, TCP/IP Stack, and Filesystem

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