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Allegro EdgeAgent Suite

Securing Mission Critical IoT During Crisis

FIPS and IoT Medical Devices

Understand FIPS Requirements for IoT Medical Devices in the DoD/VA

COVID-19 – Allegro Software Designated Critical Infrastructure Supplier

Allegro Software provides security and connectivity components to both the Medical/Healthcare and Military markets and has been designated a critical supplier by our customers in those industies.  Allegro Software remains open and ready to provide support to our customers.


Let's Talk IoT Security

Implementing IoT device security can be a challenge.  Let us help you by sharing our proven framework for integrating a proactive security approach into your design.  Click the button below to schedule a one-on-one web conference to discuss your security needs.

Allegro EdgeAgent Suite

A packaged software framework enabling vendors to build and maintain security solutions for data-in-motion, data-at-rest, firmware update authentication, and crypto-agility for IoT device ecosystems.

Million Units Deployed


Agnostic to CPU (16-bit and above), OS, TCP/IP Stack, and Filesystem

Global Design Wins

Latest News from Allegro Software

IoMT Devices Security: Ensuring Patient Safety & Privacy

Dive into the critical aspect of securing Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices, a cornerstone of healthcare innovation, in our insightful article by Loren Shade on This article sheds light on the unique risks that IoMT devices face,...

Securing the Future of Healthcare: IoMT Device Protection

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Allegro Software Wishes You Happy Holidays

Allegro Software wishes you a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you in 2024. Our team will be monitoring emails and inquiries throughout the holidays, please reach out if you have questions or need...

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