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RDMC 101 Achieves DLNA Certification


Allegro’s RDMC 101 Achieves DLNA CERTIFIED™ Accreditation

Allegro highlights latest DLNA® interoperability with RDMC 101 reference platform


SAN JOSE, CA and BOXBOROUGH, MA – March 30, 2009 – Today at the Embedded Systems Conference Allegro announced DLNA CERTIFIED status for its RDMC 101. The RDMC 101 is a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) reference testbed Digital Media Controller (DMC) that complies with the latest DLNA Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines: Expanded (Version 1.5). Specifically targeted for use by DLNA Independent Certification Vendors and Consumer Electronics (CE) manufacturers creating DLNA enabled products, the RDMC 101 is ideal for validating interoperability within the DLNA 3 Box model. As a reference testbed DMC device, the RDMC 101 is used by DLNA Independent Certification Vendors (ICVs), the authorized test labs for DLNA Certification Testing, worldwide for validating DLNA enabled CE designs to ensure proper operation within the DLNA interoperability framework.


DLNA Interoperability Testing
Seamless integration and interoperability of content on consumer electronics, mobile devices, personal computers represent the vision of DLNA. To ensure interoperability between DLNA devices, DLNA developed and manages a comprehensive certification program. Vendor products that successfully complete the DLNA Certification Logo program are awarded use of the DLNA CERTIFIED accreditation to display on the product, product literature and packaging. Allegro’s RDMC 101 is DLNA CERTIFIED and has been selected as a reference testbed device to be used by all ICVs worldwide in their DLNA testing and certification laboratories. “The DLNA Certification and Logo program is critical to supporting the vision of an interoperable network of familiar devices such as PCs, mobile devices, TVs, digital cameras and printers and more,” said Scott Smyers, chairman of the DLNA Board of Directors. “Products must undergo extensive testing against DLNA guidelines to earn a DLNA CERTIFIED logo. This Logo tells consumers that the product they’re looking at meets DLNA certification testing requirements and has proven to easily connect with other DLNA Certified devices throughout the digital home and beyond. It is a true credit to the Allegro RDMC 101 to be used as a testbed device, against which others are evaluated.”


In addition to its formal certification program, DLNA conducts “plugfests” (interoperability workshops) on a regular basis. The plugfests are held in various locations around the world in order to allow maximum participation from device vendors across the globe. These plugfests provide DLNA member companies the opportunity to test products under development against other member’s products using DLNA test tools, and are excellent dress rehearsals for DLNA certification testing.
“The vision of smart, networked connected devices was a founding principle of Allegro many years ago. We remain committed to that simple principle and strongly believe ubiquitous interoperability between CE devices, PCs and mobile platforms is a vision we share along with 350+ member companies with DLNA” says Robert Van Andel, CEO and President of Allegro. “We are proud to play a role in the DLNA Certification process and to offer the RDMC 101 as a reference testbed device”.


About Allegro
Allegro Software Development Corporation is the premier provider of UPnP networking and device management technologies specifically targeted at embedded Internet applications. Since 1996, Allegro has been a force in the evolution of device management solutions with its RomPager® embedded web server toolkit. Now also an active contributor to UPnP / DLNA initiatives, Allegro supplies a range of UPnP toolkits that offer portability, easy integration and full compliance with UPnP device specifications. Allegro is headquartered in Boxborough, MA.

Loren Shade
VP Marketing
Allegro Software Development Corporation


Larry LaCasse
VP Business Development
Allegro Software Development Corporation

Loren Shade

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