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Allegro Software Development Corporation and A10 Networks Reach Licensing Agreement


Allegro Software Development Corporation and A10 Networks, Inc. Reach Licensing Agreement


BOXBOROUGH, MA – June 7, 2013 – Allegro Software Development Corporation (“Allegro”) and A10 Networks, Inc. (“A10”) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a licensing agreement for the use of Allegro’s technology in A10’s products. All legal disputes between Allegro and A10 are resolved, allowing both parties to move forward to focus on growing their businesses and continue their commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products and services.


About Allegro
Allegro Software Development Corporation is the premier provider of UPnP networking and device management technologies specifically targeted at embedded Internet applications. Since 1996, Allegro has been a force in the evolution of device management solutions with its RomPager® embedded web server toolkit. Now also an active contributor to UPnP / DLNA initiatives, Allegro supplies a range of UPnP toolkits that offer portability, easy integration and full compliance with UPnP device specifications. Allegro is headquartered in Boxborough, MA. For more information, visit:


About A10 Networks
A10 Networks was founded in Q4 2004 with a mission to provide innovative networking and security solutions. A10 Networks makes high-performance products that help organizations accelerate, optimize and secure their applications. A10 Networks is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. For more information, visit:

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