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Press Release – November 12, 2001

OSE Systems offers a complete set of Internet Toolkits for embedded developers
Allegro Software Development supports their entire product line on the OSE realtime kernel

BOXBOROUGH, MA (November 12, 2001) Allegro Software Development Corporation, the foremost supplier of embedded Internet toolkits, has joined OSE Systems, Inc., provider of OSE(tm) real-time operating system (RTOS) and INET TCP/IP software, in a strategic relationship to provide complete development solutions for network-enabled devices.

The Allegro RomPager family of network enabling toolkits includes the RomPager embedded Web server, RomMail and RomPOP email clients, RomXML eXtensible Markup Language parser/framer, RomUPNP Universal Plug and Play, RomWebClient embedded Web client, and other network application toolkits. The Allegro toolkits have been used to build devices to monitor and control telecom/datacom equipment, HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, printers, VoIP telephones, and handheld test equipment. The Allegro RomPager embedded Web server is used in millions of devices.

The addition of the OSE RTOS and INET software to the Allegro RomPager family makes this combined offering the most complete network-enabling set of toolkits on the market. The advantages of the Allegro toolkits are: they were developed specifically for embedded systems thus they have a small footprint, are hardware and software platform independent, highly reliable, and are sold without royalties.

Bob Van Andel, president of Allegro Software Development Corporation, said he is “pleased to be working with one of the leading RTOS providers in the industry. The OSE support for mission critical applications is exactly what manufacturers need when deploying their devices remotely and controlling them across the network.”

“The addition of the small footprint, high performance RomPager embedded Web server, the Universal Plug and Play and RomPager XML solutions to OSE makes us more competitive on the embedded market now that it is expanding usage of the Internet”, says Marie Samuelsson, Product Marketing Manager for Internet Protocol and Infrastructure Products at OSE Systems AB.
About Allegro Software Development

Allegro Software Development Corporation is a market leader for Internet appliance solutions. The company was founded with a vision of bringing the advantages of Internet-based management and connectivity to embedded devices. Allegro developed the RomPager family of Internet applications specifically for this embedded environment. The RomPager source code product family provides Web and e-mail access for devices integrated with the leading RTOS/TCP stacks. RomPager is a full-function embedded Web server. RomMailer and RomPOP allow devices to send/receive e-mail messages and attachments. RomWebClient allows devices to retrieve pages/objects from the Web. The RomXML parser/framer permits devices to transmit data using the latest technology.
About OSE Systems

OSE Systems develops and distributes real-time operating systems (RTOS) and development tools for safety-critical, high-availability, distributed and fault-tolerant applications. OSE Systems was founded in 1996, and currently employs over 200 people worldwide. The company focuses primarily on creating the software to develop and support high-performance, mission-critical applications in the following industries: telecommunications, data communications, wireless devices, avionics and industrial control. Key customers include Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, Agere Systems, Sony, and Boeing. OSE Systems is a subsidiary of Enea Group (SAXESS: ENEA), which markets and sells services and training. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the Enea Group employs over 900 people. For more information on OSE Systems, please visit
Allegro Software Development Corporation
1740 Massachusetts Avenue – Boxborough, MA 01719
(978) 264-6600

This material is © Copyright 1996-2002 by Allegro Software Development Corporation. RomPager® is a trademark registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to Allegro Software Development Corporation. RomCLI, RomDNS, RomMailer, RomPOP, RomTime, RomUPNP, RomWebClient, and RomXML are trademarks of Allegro Software Development Corporation.
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