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Press Release – May 5, 1997

Allegro Software Combines Web-Based Management with Direct SNMP Access


Web based management just took another major step forward with the announcement that RomPager(TM), Allegro Software’s embedded web server OEM software toolkit now links directly to the SNMP Research International EMANATE(TM) SNMP Agent. Network product manufacturers can now design embedded web servers with direct access to the same SNMP MIB variables that work with traditional network management console software.


RomPager is a popular embedded web management server for network switches, routers, UPS devices and networked printers. The RomPager toolkit allows complete flexiblity of page layout, while providing low memory usage in both the server code and the stored web pages. Until now, access to MIB variables stored in the device memories was done with routines that ran in parallel to the SNMP Agent access routines. Now, a design engineer can provide the MIB Object ID directly to RomPager, and it will access the MIB variable using the widely used EMANATE SNMP Agent routines.


“The ubiquity of the Web makes it an ideal display vehicle for management information. Publishing SNMP data on a Web page is an effective, easy and affordable way to disseminate information to people who need it.” said Bob Van Andel, president of Allegro Software Development Corporation. “Together with SNMP Research, we have developed a key feature that our customers have been asking for. Web based access of SNMP information just got a whole lot easier.”


“Sometimes users want to use both SNMP and the Web to manage their devices,” said Dr. Jeffrey Case, founder of SNMP Research International. “They use SNMP for enterprise wide management, but they also want Web-based management capability. The integration of the RomPager toolkit with SNMP Research’s SNMP technology makes an effective marriage. This combination lets our users get to market quickly with better standards compliance.”


Allegro Software Development Corporation is the provider of the RomPager embedded web server toolkit, the most widely used OEM solution in the market today. Further information on RomPager may be found at


SNMP Research International is a leading provider of SNMP technology to the OEM community and others. They offer a full family of management products and services for the computer and communications industries. Further info on SNMP Research may be found at


Attendees at the Network+Interop show in Las Vegas saw RomPager embedded in the SNMP Research LATIN (Legacy Adapter to Internet) LT-301 hardware at the SNMP Research booth.


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This material is © Copyright 1996-2002 by Allegro Software Development Corporation. RomPager® is a trademark registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to Allegro Software Development Corporation. RomCLI, RomDNS, RomMailer, RomPOP, RomTime, RomUPNP, RomWebClient, and RomXML are trademarks of Allegro Software Development Corporation.

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