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Allegro Software Announces Java for Device Management

Allegro Software has added to its widely used RomPager embedded Web server OEM software family. The RomPager Java Graphlets Toolkit is a set of externally configurable Java applets that can be used to display performance graphs and other dynamic information in a visually superior manner to plain HTML. The toolkit comes with the complete Java source code, although in most cases the applets can be used without changing a line of source code simply by modifying the loading parameters.

The six dynamically configurable RomPager Graphlets in the toolkit are: a Progress Bar (for showing download/upload performance), a Single Line Performance Graph (variable over time), a Single Bar Performance Chart (variable over time), a Multiple Line Performance Graph (multiple variables over time), a Multiple Bar Chart and a Performance Dial (speedometer).

“Working with Allegro means that engineering groups can provide their users the richest set of management tools available with the minimum of software development manpower. The RomPager Java Graphlet Toolkit is another example of easily integrated OEM software which can give device manufacturers a stronger position in the marketplace,” said Bob Van Andel, president of Allegro Software.

The RomPager Java Graphlets Toolkit license fee is $5,000 (or $3,500 if purchased with the RomPager Web Server.) This license includes the full Java source code, documentation, compiled byte codes as well as the RomPager internal format.

Allegro Software Development Corporation is the provider of the RomPager embedded web server toolkit, the most widely used OEM solution on the market today. Further information on the RomPager family of products may be found at

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