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Press Release – April 27, 1998

Allegro ships RomPOP, Email Support for Internet Devices

Allegro Software Development Corporation expanded its suite of Internet applications for embedded network devices, today with the announcement that it is shipping version 1.0 of RomPOP, its POP3 email client software for embedded network devices. RomPOP allows embedded devices to receive email from any Internet email server.

“Email will be the next stage in the use of Internet applications by embedded network devices,” said Bob Van Andel, Allegro president. “Any embedded device can now be fully managed using the most universal Internet application, email. And in combination with Allegro’s RomMailer and RomPager products, it enables our customers to easily deliver comprehensive Internet based management solutions for their products. RomPager delivers Web browser access to any network device, while RomPOP and RomMailer provide device management via inbound and outbound email.”

Adding RomPOP email capability to an embedded device substantially enhances it. Printers and print servers provide an excellent example. Print jobs can be submitted via email and can be sent as easily to a printer across the country as to one down the hall. Firmware updates can now be made to a printer by sending it an email, or the printer’s configuration can be modified via email. The new breed of telephone switches with integrated Internet access is another example. With email support in the hardware they can serve as an integration point between voice and email messaging systems. RomPOP allows users to more effectively manage a large population of devices -a corporation’s laser printers for example- using the “store and forward”, one-to-many nature of email.

RomPOP receives email from any standard Internet mail POP3 server. It will optionally use APOP security mode and provides the user application UIDL support to obtain message numbers for tracking purposes. RomPOP provides MIME format decoding and attachment decoding including BASE64 support for binary attachments (such as graphics, audio, configuration files, etc.). RomPOP is compliant with the relevant POP3 and MIME RFCs.

Supporting email in an embedded device provides another way to use the Internet for the management of embedded devices. The use of embedded Web servers such as Allegro’s RomPager to manage network devices has become a required feature of new products. Using Web browsers to configure and manage devices has become such an accepted approach, that many of the new products being launched at Interop next week will incorporate Web-based management in their initial release.

The Allegro Software Development Corporation is a leading provider of Internet applications and technology.for embedded environments. Other Allegro products include the RomPager Embedded Web Toolkit and the RomMailer Embedded Email Toolkit. Allegro’s customers who use the RomPager, RomMailer and RomPOP products include industry leaders such as 3Com, American Power Conversion, Bay Networks, QMS and Xerox. Further information on the RomPager family of products may be found on Allegro’s web site at
Allegro Software Development Corporation
1740 Massachusetts Avenue – Boxborough, MA 01719
(978) 264-6600


This material is © Copyright 1996-2002 by Allegro Software Development Corporation. RomPager® is a trademark registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to Allegro Software Development Corporation. RomCLI, RomDNS, RomMailer, RomPOP, RomTime, RomUPNP, RomWebClient, and RomXML are trademarks of Allegro Software Development Corporation.
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