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Allegro ships RomMailer

Embedded Devices Can Send Internet Email

Continuing to deliver on its vision of using standard Internet technologies to manage embedded network devices, Allegro Software Development Corporation today announced it is shipping version 1.0 of RomMailer, its email agent software for embedded network devices. RomMailer allows embedded devices to send email to any SMTP server.

“The release of RomMailer marks the next major step in the use of embedded Internet applications to manage network devices,” said Bob Van Andel, president of Allegro Software Development Corporation. “It enables any embedded device to send status reports using the most universal Internet application, email. For example, a network printer using RomMailer could send an email to a system administrator when consumables such as toner or paper needed to be replenished, or to the printer vendor’s service organizations when preventive maintenance needs to be scheduled.”

“Another use of email “push” technology is to manage networked populations of machines. Individual vending machines have been attached to Web servers, for instance, but a large scale population would benefit from email technology. RomMailer enables a network of vending machines to be managed remotely so that daily reports on each machine’s sales and inventory can be sent via email to a central site. This point of sale data can be used to determine the profitability of each machine, the best mix of products for each machine, and when to restock a machine. In addition, status alerts for coin jams, internal temperature, and stock outages can be sent as needed.”

“RomMailer, in conjunction with Allegro’s RomPager embedded Web server product, enables our customers to easily deliver comprehensive Internet based management solutions with their products,” said Van Andel. “RomPager allows interactive management of any network device using a Web browser, while RomMailer provides autonomous email status reports.”

RomMailer sends pure text messages, messages with attachments, HTML messages, and HTML with embedded graphics messages (MHTML) and is compliant with all the relevant RFCs. Messages may be constructed with static information and/or dynamic device data. The insertion of dynamic device data into a message uses the same field-proven memory saving technology as Allegro’s industry leading RomPager embedded Web server toolkit.

The RomPager Web Server Engine and Web Application Toolkit is a product of the Allegro Software Development Corporation. Further information on the family of RomPager products may be found at

Allegro Software Development Corporation is a leading provider of embedded Internet applications and technology. The company designs, develops, and markets applications and related software for embedded environments. It also offers consulting services in these same areas.
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