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Allegro Introduces RomCLI and Expands Embedded Internet Software Family

San Jose, CA, September 26, 2000: Allegro Software Development Corporation announced the availability of its RomCLI Command Line Interface toolkit for embedded devices today at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose.

The RomCLI Command Line Interface toolkit is designed to speed the implementation of text-based command line interfaces for embedded devices. The RomCLI toolkit works in conjunction with the RomPager Advanced Web Server to provide unified variable access using common variable access routines.

The RomCLI toolkit contains Telnet services, a Command Line Handler, Parser System and the CliBuilder utility. The Command Line Handler handles command functions that are common to all device implementations such as backspace and left and right arrow functions. The Parser System handles the device specific command tree and provides functionality similar to Cisco IOS-style interfaces. The CliBuilder utility takes an XML description of the command tree and builds a compact internal representation that the Parser System uses to handle the commands.

Allegro Software is a leading OEM supplier of Internet software for the embedded market. With over 1,000,000 deployed embedded Web servers, Allegro has some of the world’s best companies as its customers; companies like American Power Conversion, Casio, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, Motorola, Nortel, Sony, 3Com and Xerox. Allegro’s industry-leading source code product family includes Web servers, Web clients, Email (SMTP and POP3) clients, and XML tools. The RomPager product family provides Web and e-mail access for devices integrated with the leading RTOS/TCP stacks. RomPager is a full-function embedded Web server featuring the smallest application memory footprint in the industry. RomMailer and RomPOP allow devices to send/receive e-mail messages and attachments. RomWebClient allows devices to retrieve pages/objects from the Web. RomXML is a small footprint XML parser/framer that allows devices to easily exchange data using XML documents. RomTime allows a device to set time from a central server.

RomCLI is available for any RTOS and TCP environment including those of our partners: ATI Nucleus, Express Logic ThreadX, Kadak AMX, Lynx, Mentor VRTX, Microsoft Windows CE/95/98/Me/NT/2000, Microware OS-9, Precise MQX, QNX, Treck TCP and WindRiver VxWorks and pSOS.

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