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Nielsen Case Study: IoT Device Security for A Multi-Billion Dollar International Company



A leading global marketing research firm


Nielsen is a global leader in the audience insights, and analytics industry, providing data and research that is crucial to many prominent advertisers. Nielsen is renowned for its audience research and measurement of broadcasting, print, and online advertising and influences billions of dollars in ad spend annually. Ensuring their data is valid, authentic, and trustworthy is one of their main priorities.


Nielsen relies on Allegro to assist them with securing their IoT devices and data to prevent false reporting. Nielsen uses a patented technology that works like a tag or fingerprint and is embedded into audio content. This technology includes information on the owner of the content and a geolocation tag. Nielsen’s tagging technology is used to encode audio for things like commercials, streaming content, video games, voice content, and other various types of content. The digital tags embedded in the content help determine what and where the content is being listened to in order to accurately calculate the total ratings. Allegro security technology software products assist in the secure logging and transmission of encrypted tag information to prevent false reporting.


Our advanced IoT security technologies and solutions enable Nielsen’s ability to keep data safe and present accurate results that their clients rely on. Nielsen partners with Allegro to ensure their IoT data is properly secured with the most updated technology that meets all the latest security and accreditation requirements.

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