Security and Connectivity for IoT Devices


Allegro Provides Security and Connectivity Solutions Applicable for Medtronic IoMT Devices

Learn what it takes to comply with FIPS and TLS regulations to provide better outcomes and avoid product launch delays.

Engineer Improved Outcomes for Patients by Meeting Medical Device Security Requirements

Embedded device security is critical today and well into the future. Allegro Software delivers leading-edge connectivity secured with FIPS validated cryptography that will help Medtronic deliver better patient outcomes. Medtronic IoMT devices secured using Allegro toolkits will have a faster time to market and lower maintenance costs. .

Register for Lunch and Learn on IoMT Security and Connectivity

Allegro software has developed a self-paced, on-demand lunch and learn that highlights how Medtronic partners with us for IoMT security and connectivity, and provides additional clarity around meeting FIPS requirements, securing data at rest with military grade cryptography and in motion with the most recent TLS 1.3 protocol.

The Lunch and Learn will cover:

  • What is FIPS validation?
  • Implementing, monitoring, and maintaining FIPS validation for Stryker IoMT devices..
  • Meeting HIPAA data encryption standards for patient data.
  • Meeting TLS 1.3 federal implementation mandate by Jan 2024.
  • How you can avoid costly software development.
Allegro Cryptography Engine ACE

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Allegro Software: A Leading Provider of IoMT Security & Connectivity Software Toolkits

Allegro Software specializes in helping OEMs in healthcare, military, energy, and consumer markets create connected secure devices using FIPS, TLS, SSH, and more.

Allegro Cryptography Engine ACE

Need clarity on FIPS validation or TLS 1.3 implementation?

We discuss these requirements during the lunch and learn, or you can schedule a meeting to address specific questions.

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