Security and Connectivity for IoT Devices


Let’s Talk IoT Security

Allegro software provides IoT Edge security and connectivity toolkits to manufacturers. Our software toolkits help ensure the authenticity, integrity, and validity of data generated from IoT devices.

About Allegro Software

Since 1996, Allegro has been at the forefront of leading the evolution of device management solutions with its patented embedded web server and security toolkits.

Fully Integrated Solutions

The Allegro toolkits offer rapid integration and provide a range of simple through sophisticated application value to the embedded world. For instance, the RomXML® toolkit provides a small memory footprint XML parser and framer that enables embedded devices to translate internal data structures to and from XML streams. At the leading edge of embedded technology, Allegro’s RomPlug® toolkits for UPnP and DLNA consumer electronic devices comply with current specifications and include tools to aid development and compliance checking during integration.

275 Million Devices and Counting

Over 250,000,000 machines have been shipped using the Allegro family of Internet Software Toolkits for Embedded Devices. Our toolkits give device manufacturers cost-effective building blocks to implement web interfaces within their products. Our software is used in data communications products, enterprise products, consumer electronics products, home gateway products, medical equipment, industrial automation, automotive technology and more.

Engineered for Embedded Systems

Allegro software toolkits are precision engineered to meet the demands of embedded device developers working on cost-sensitive systems. Allegro toolkits are flexible enough to support the wide range of low-profile networking stacks, run-time environments and low-cost microprocessors that manufacturers are choosing for implementing these devices.

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