Security and Connectivity for IoT Devices


Allegro Provides Security and Connectivity Solutions for IoMT Devices

Allegro addresses businesses need for advanced data encryption to protect patient privacy and security across the continuum of care with FIPS validated cryptography.

Learn what it takes to comply with FIPS and TLS regulations to avoid product launch delays.

Advantages of Partnering with Allegro

Experience and Insight Maintaining FIPS Validation Continuous Monitoring Extremely Configurable
Allegro provides valuable industry insight into the current status and paths to achieving FIPS validation. Allegro maintains our ACE™ Cryptography Module to the latest implementation guidance (IG) from NIST for FIPS/FIPS 140-3 validation. Allegro continually monitors FIPS IG to see how it affects our ACE™ implementation. Allegro’s ACE™ toolkit is extremely configurable and can be utilized in a wide array of applications.
Through an established framework, our team helps businesses select the path that best meets their needs (technical, timeframe, etc.). Businesses can leverage this investment in its IoMT designs. When necessary, Allegro will identify required changes, implement, and test updates, and ship revisions. This enables developers’ access to FIPS validated cryptography with a common API on an IoMT device or in a container deployed in the cloud.


Register for Lunch and Learn on IoMT Security and Connectivity

Allegro software has developed a self-paced, on-demand lunch and learn that highlights how businesses partner with us for IoMT security and connectivity, and how we provide additional clarity around meeting FIPS requirements, securing data at rest with military grade cryptography and in motion with the most recent TLS 1.3 protocol.

The Lunch and Learn will cover:

  • What is FIPS validation?
  • Implementing, monitoring, and maintaining FIPS validation for IoMT devices.
  • Meeting HIPAA data encryption standards for patient data.
  • Meeting TLS 1.3 federal implementation mandate by Jan 2024.
Allegro Cryptography Engine ACE
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Allegro Software: A Leading Provider of IoMT Security & Connectivity Software Toolkits

Allegro Software specializes in helping OEMs in healthcare, military, energy, and consumer markets create connected secure devices using FIPS, TLS, SSH, and more.

Allegro Cryptography Engine ACE

Need clarity on FIPS validation or TLS 1.3 implementation?

We discuss these requirements during the lunch and learn, or you can schedule a meeting to address specific questions.

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