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Join us for the 10th Annual International Cryptographic Module Conference in Virginia on September 14th-16th 2022!

Allegro is a Silver Partner Sponsoring the Event. Our VP of Marketing, Loren Shade, will be a Speaker & Moderator at the Event With a Focus on Crypto Technology & Embedded IoT.

Allegro EdgeAgent Suite

Securing Mission Critical IoT During Crisis 

FIPS 140-2 and IoT Medical Devices

Understand FIPS Requirements for IoT Medical Devices

250M Units Deployed

Any CPU - Any OS

300+ Global Design Wins

Allegro IoT Device Security

Let’s Talk IoT Security

Allegro Software is a leading provider of IoT Edge security and connectivity software toolkits to manufacturers worldwide. Field-proven in 250M+ devices, our solutions enable OEMs in Energy, Healthcare, Military, Enterprise, and Consumer markets to create connected secure devices using TLS, SSH, FIPS 140-2 and more.

Our Whitepapers

Allegro Whitepapers
7 Key Elements of Proactive IoT Security

This whitepaper explains how you can increase your security presence and reduce your IoT ecosystem exposure to hacks, breaches, data theft, and lost brand equity.

Allegro Whitepapers

This whitepaper presents 5 Best Practices to help mitigate risk in your IoT Ecosystem.

This whitepaper presents 5 Best Practices to help mitigate risk in your IoT Ecosystem.

Allegro Whitepapers

Open Source Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

This whitepaper looks at issues related to using Open Source Software (OSS) and potential effects during merger and acquisition discussions.

Our Solutions

We help your company with IoT security

IoT Edge Device Security

The significant impact of IoT devices and ecosystems on society is rooted in data. It is therefore crucial to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and validity of data generated from IoT devices, especially in mission critical and life-altering applications in industries such as medical, industrial, aviation, and military.

IoT Device Management

Managing a remote embedded device can be difficult at best when dealing with various networking topologies, protocols and physical or virtual interfaces. Allegro offers the Allegro EdgeAgent Suite to help your engineering team build powerful and dynamic management interfaces for your device.

Machine to Machine

Embedded devices are increasingly connected to the Internet and called upon to communicate in meaningful ways with corporate IT servers. The Allegro EdgeAgent Suite enables your engineering team to build powerful connected devices using industry-standard communications protocols.

Consumer Devices and Home Networking

Allegro’s RomPlug® suite of development toolkits empowers engineering teams with flexible and robust tools to create state of the art UPnP and DLNA connected consumer electronics and mobile devices.

Our Resources

Let’s Talk IoT Security

Implementing IoT device security can be a significant and costly challenge. Let us help you by sharing our proven framework for integrating a proactive security approach into your design, minimizing the need for programming resources and reducing development costs and time to market

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