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Answering Allegro’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Allegro Software’s IoT security and connectivity solutions enable OEM manufacturers in various industries to effectively secure their devices and data. IoT security ensures businesses can generate authentic, valid data from their IoT devices to create valuable insights. Allegro Software maintains a proven framework for integrating a proactive security approach into your design. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive that will help you in your decision to partner with Allegro for your IoT security and connectivity needs.

What Is Allegro’s License Model?

Allegro provides a royalty-free, yearly platform subscription license. There is no royalty for each of the units shipped with Allegro products within it. Instead, you pay a flat yearly subscription fee that includes product updates, upgrades, and full product support.

How Long do we Pay the Subscription?

The length of your subscription payments depends on the definition of your platform. Generally, if your platform is actively supported and maintained, the subscription remains in place. Once the platform has reached the end-of-life stage and you are no longer providing upgrades, updates, and support, the subscription can be canceled.

What is Included in the Subscription?

All software product updates, upgrades, and support are included in the subscription period. Support can be provided by phone or email. Many of the toolkits also include development tools and there are no per-seat fees for those particular tools.

How Much Does a Platform Subscription Cost?

Several components directly influence the subscription pricing. However, the two that are the most common are how your platform is defined and whether you are using multiple Allegro products on your platform. For example, a single Allegro product used on a narrowly defined platform could be priced as low as $15,000 (USD) per year.

What Hardware and Software Environments do you Support?

Early on, Allegro realized there is no single, dominant vendor in the embedded systems or IoT space. As a result, we designed a very powerful, proven portability layer that is currently shipping in hundreds of millions of units worldwide. It’s been deployed and ported to a wide range of platforms and only requires a 16-bit CPU or above to run.

Do you Provide Source Code?

Yes, all Allegro products are delivered as standard ANSI-C source and are provided with well-documented APIs for your development team to utilize during their development process.

How Big is the Software (RAM/ROM)?

The size of the software depends on your exact configuration. As an example, a minimal configuration of our web server without security can be as small as 5K bytes, while configurations with multiple toolkits and a full security suite can be much more.

Still Have Additional Questions?

Contact us to schedule a call and we can answer any other specific questions you may have about our solutions or products.

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