Allegro Software Streams iTunes Digital Music Libraries to Networked Music Players

Allegro Media Server Streams Digital Music Files from Macintosh or Windows iTunes® Libraries to Wired or Wireless
Networked Digital Music Players using UPnP™ Technology
LAS VEGAS — January 9, 2004 — Allegro Software Development Corporation, a leading provider of
embedded Internet technology, today announced the Allegro Media Server. The Allegro Media Server,
which was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), provides the ability to present an iTunes
Digital Music Library over both wired and wireless networks to networked UPnP-based Digital Music
Players such as the Philips Streamium series and NETGEAR MP 101.
The Allegro Media Server runs as a background application on Macintosh (OS-9, OS-X) and Windows (98,
Me, XP, 2000) personal computers and provides a bridge between an iTunes Digital Music Library and the
world of networked digital audio players.
“Music fans know that bringing digital music to stereo systems in the home office, bedroom or family room
can sometimes be tricky,” said Bob Van Andel, President of Allegro. “By using the new networked media
players from respected equipment companies like Philips and NETGEAR, in combination with the Allegro
Media Server, the music stored in iTunes and iPods can be enjoyed on stereo systems throughout the home.”
Allegro created its Media Server using UPnP technology, one of the latest industry open standards. UPnP
technology is all about making home networking simple and affordable for everyone, so the connected home
experience becomes a mainstream reality. UPnP architecture leverages TCP/IP and Web technologies to
enable seamless networking in addition to control and data transfer among networked devices in the home.
The Allegro Media Server is fully compliant with the UPnP v1.0.1 specifications and the UPnP AV DCP
1.0 specifications. The Allegro Media Server will ship in March, 2004.
Allegro Software is a leading provider of embedded Internet applications and technology. The company
designs, develops, and markets these applications and related software for embedded environments.
Allegro’s RomPager product family is the most widely used OEM embedded Internet software on the planet
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