Security and Connectivity for IoT Devices


These precision-engineered solutions are tailored for cost-sensitive systems where efficiency and reliability can’t be compromised.

We Cut Your FIPS Validation and Integration Times by 80%

Get your FIPS IoT Devices validated quickly and stop investing in lengthy software development.

Allegro’s FIPS Validated Cryptography solution confers IoT technologies with embedded trust – without the need for specialized and high-priced programming expertise and validation testing. This dramatically reduces product development costs and time to market.

Out-of-the-Box FIPS Validation

The Allegro Cryptography Engine (ACE) is a platform independent, high performance, resource sensitive, embedded FIPS Validated cryptography engine superficially engineered on the rigors of embedded computing.

Allegro Cryptography Engine ACE

IoT Security Use Cases

  • Hospital Beds
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Machines
  • Biosensors in Wearable or Implanted Devices
  • Medical Imaging Systems
  • Secure Military Communications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Enterprise Monitoring Applications
  • IoT Sensor Networks
  • IoT Enabled Hardware
  • & Many More

Power Precision Engineering
for Your Embedded Devices

Our suite of toolkits is purpose-built for embedded devices, ensuring high portability and reliability. This dedicated focus allows your machines to leverage the full potential of internet connectivity with the finesse required for embedded systems.

Our Software is Trusted Across Industries

Allegro’s software is the backbone of a myriad of products, from data communications and consumer electronics to critical medical equipment and automotive technologies. Embrace the confidence that comes with Allegro’s industry-wide trust and experience.

275 Million Devices and Counting

We’ve maintained our role as a leader in the evolution of device management solutions since 1996 by creating state-of-the-art connectivity and security toolkits based on open standards protocol.

Advantages of Partnering with Allegro

Experience and Insight

Allegro provides valuable industry insight into the current status and paths to achieving FIPS validation.

Maintaining FIPS Validation

Allegro maintains our ACE™ Cryptography Module to the latest implementation guidance (IG) from NIST for FIPS validation.

Continuous Monitoring

When necessary, Allegro will identify required changes, implement, and test updates, and ship revisions.

Extremely Configurable

Allegro’s ACE™ toolkit is extremely configurable and can be utilized in a wide array of applications.

Let’s Talk IoT Security

Implementing IoT device security can be a significant and costly challenge. Let us help you by sharing our proven framework for integrating a proactive security approach into your design, minimizing the need for programming resources and reducing development costs and time to market.

Schedule a one-on-one web conference with us today to discuss your embedded IoT security needs.


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