Allegro Software Delivers RomPager 2.0

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Press Release – January 15, 1998

Allegro Software Delivers RomPager 2.0

Continuing its strategy of advancing the state of the art in embedded Web servers, Allegro Software Development Corporation today announced it is shipping version 2.0 of RomPager, its industry leading embedded Web server toolkit. RomPager 2.0 includes HTTP 1.1 support (fully interoperable with Microsoft’s recently released Internet Explorer 4.0), external authentication support (for support of RADIUS servers), internationalized status messages (French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish), enhanced user interface tools for HTML page creation, and support for Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) objects.
RomPager release 2.0 is also the foundation for two additional packages. The RomPager Remote Host package provides the ability to store large files, such as images or Java applets, on another Web server and serve them as if they came from the embedded device.
The RomMailer SMTP Client package enables an embedded device to send email status reports to any Internet mail reader. The status reports use the same page creation techniques as RomPager, so they can be sent as either HTML or plain text pages with dynamic information. All of the new browsers will read HTML formatted messages with embedded images, as well as plain text messages.
“This release of RomPager defines the new standard for embedded Web Servers,” said Bob Van Andel, president of Allegro Software Development Corporation. “It adds features requested by our customers, while continuing to push the envelope of embedded device management with features like email status reports.”
RomPager is the most widely installed web management server for embedded network devices. It is employed in a broad range of devices, including Gigabit Ethernet switches, high performance routers, UPS’s, and printers to provide remote configuration and management. This allows the device to be managed using industry standard browsers (Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.) rather than custom applications or SNMP consoles.
The RomPager Web Server Engine and Toolkit provides complete control of Web page layout, with a small memory footprint for both the server engine and stored web pages, and full compliance with Internet standards. Some of the Allegro customers who have used the RomPager toolkit include 3Com, Acacia Networks, American Power Conversion, Bay Networks, Extreme Networks, Farallon, Foundry, Network Peripherals and Xerox.
The RomPager Web Server Engine and Web Application Toolkit is a product of the Allegro Software Development Corporation. Further information on the family of RomPager products may be found at
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